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DIY TV Frame for under $100

The easiest DIY wooden tv frame ever! Here is a step by step tutorial on how we made our tv look like a piece of art.

First, decide what look you want. You can use any trim size or style for this project! Here is the decorative wood trim we used.

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART!!!!! Measure your tv screen. ONLY the screen, not the small black border around the tv. JUST THE SCREEN!

Then I got busy staining all 4 pieces of trim. We decided to stain it "special walnut" by Minwax to match our fireplace mantel.

Next we used a speed square to mark a 45 degree angle on each piece of trim. You want the inside of the 45 angle to be the length of your tv screen.

We cut each corner of the trim pieces at a 45 degree angle. If you do not have a miter saw, that is okay! You can still easily do this project with a clamping miter box. I have linked one below if you need one.

Next, we added wood glue to each corner of the frame and started nailing each corner together. If you do not have a nail gun, you can use a staple gun instead!

After you have secured the front of the frame. We screwed in flat corner braces on each corner of the frame to keep things in place.

Next, we added the side trim that will cover the sides of the tv. We measured the pieces out and cut them straight. We then glued the back of the frame and nailed the side trim around the exterior.

After the sides were attached, we got to work on what will hold the frame on the tv. Next, we secured rubber straps on each end of the back of the frame.

The final step is to put your frame on your tv! TADA

If you have a Samsung smart tv and want to display beautiful artwork. Download the YouTube app and search "vintage tv art" to find hundreds of options to display on your tv.

Hope you all enjoyed this diy project!

xox, krystine

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