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Fall Pottery Barn Dupes

Who doesn’t love Pottery Barn? I know I do, but most of the time I don’t love the price on the price tags.

So I took it upon myself to find some more affordable options. All of these items are dupes to Pottery Barn’s Fall/Halloween Collection!

Trust me when I tell you, no one is going to know the difference between these dupes or the more expensive Pottery Barn decor!

I have linked both the PB item and the dupe under each picture. You can thank you later :)

PB Jack O Lantern || Jack O Lantern Dupe

PB Wooden Pumpkin || Wooden Pumpkin Dupe

PB Jack O Lantern Doormat || Doormat Dupe

PB Pumpkin Pillow || Pumpkin Pillow Dupe

PB Glass Pumpkins || Glass Pumpkin Dupe

PB Ghost Bowl || Ghost Bowl Dupe

If you are looking for more fall and Halloween decor, follow me on Instagram! CLICK HERE

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